Manual Gearboxes & Differentials Services

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    Manual gearboxes and differentials services in Bayside

    If you're having trouble with your gearbox or differential, or just want to upgrade to a more modern, up-to-date system, then you need to come to Gear-Matics today. Locally owned and operated in Bayside, we are a family business and have been providing automotive and mechanical services since 1963.

    Our experienced, hard-working team of fully qualified mechanics specialise in manual gearbox and differentials services. Making effective use of cutting-edge technology, we take pride in keeping our prices lower than most dealer and franchise shops. When you come to us, you can expect quality products and friendly services at a competitive price.

    We can fully rebuild manual gearboxes and differentials, as well as automatic transmissions. Our team also provides an extensive range of services, including:

    • Rebuilding or replacement of differentials and transfer cases
    • Clutch replacement
    • Torque converter replacement
    • Replacement or resurfacing of fly wheels
    • Replacement of axles, engine and transmission mounts, and main engine seals
    • Automatic transmission and manual transmission reseal
    • Solenoid replacement (electronics)

    No matter what the job, you can count on us to get it done quickly and efficiently.

    We can also provide a free loan car while yours is being worked on, so you’re not stranded while your vehicle is off of the road.

    We service European, ZF, Asian-Warner, BTR and Turbo-Hydromatic gearboxes and differentials for all major makes and models.

    Our team have experience with Australian models such as Holden and Ford;European makes like BMW, Mercedes and Audi;

    Japanese brands such as Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, Honda and Mitsubishi; and Korean makes like Hyundai and Kia.We also service 4WDs, including Patrol, Landcruiser, Prado, Explorer, Hilux, Rav-4, Pathfinder, Tribute/Escape, Triton, Pajero, and Range Rover.

    gear matics gearboxes and differentials services

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    Call us today on 03 9580 7699 or 0414 505 782 for a free quote on our manual gearboxes and differentials services.

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